What to Wear: Law School Orientation Edition

Take a deep breath because orientation is right around the corner. Seriously. Orientation is next week.

Sneak peek of schedule, because I know you’re just on the edge of your seat:

Day one we’ll be listening to lots of the normal orientation-y things; such as: welcome, panel discussion with SBA (student bar association, think of it as the student government association), skills testing, lots of departments giving talks (career development, IT, academic support, peer mentoring), talks about the law journal (here I come!) and moot court. 
I’ll be rocking business casual/business attire.

Day two is our community service day. My number one choice assignment was a ride along with APD, which I’m really hoping I get assigned. BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE FREAKING AWESOME. Also there are a few meetings I have to go to, like research training, and getting my student ID. (I might be looking forward to the student ID a little too much, hello discounts.)

Day three is the most formal, they’ve asked us to dress in business professional/executive attire, they actually specified dark suits. We’ll be talking about fitness for the Georgia Bar (OMG), professionalism, ethics, stress management, and the code of student responsibility.  

Here’s an idea of what I’ll be wearing:



The top that I have that I would wear with this outfit is darker, it’s chiffon and has multiple tiers. I’ve worn it to work several times with cardigans and blazers and I love it.



Luckily, with my job, I’ve got this last day’s outfit on lock.

For all three days I plan on keeping my hair simple. My hair is already pretty dang straight, but I’ll straighten it, and maybe pin part back. That’s actually how I have my hair right now. I think it looks pretty cute, if I do say so myself. 

As always, let me know what you think in the comments below!


Warby Parker launches brand new Beacon Collection. And it’s pretty great.

[this post has been sponsored by Warby Parker]

IMG_2885-6 Recently I was contacted by Warby Parker in order to do a post promoting the launch of their new line, the Beacon Collection. And I’ve got to say, I am sort of loving this collection, as well as all their other stuff. Guys, they have a freaking monocle.


Warby Parker has a great reputation in the fashion industry, for a reason. They’re a solid company with inventory that can be worn by men and women with any face shape. While doing my diligent research for this post, I’ve seen lots of their frames, and let me tell you…  Loving it.


Stop what you’re doing and look at how happy these two are while wearing the new Beacon Collection: IMG_1785-4 IMG_1549-2IMG_2500_V1-1 Below are my two favorite frames from this new Beacon Collection, the McKee in Whiskey Tortoise and the Ingram in Revolver Black. I might be a bit biased, but I’m pretty positive both of these would look adorable on me. I’m such a sunglasses girl, I have them stashed all over my apartment. And I can only imagine that during law school I’ll become an eyeglasses hoarder as well. I plan to rock simple shapes with timeless style. And these will move effortlessly from work, to school, to my after 5 activities.McKee- Whiskey Tortoise Ingram- Revolver BlackHere’s the Beacon collection in full:

This new collection was “inspired by impromptu, can’t-duplicate-them all-nighters, when having no plans brings endless possibilities.” I think that’s a great way to sum up this collection. I feel this idea transcends more than a season– as is the typical case in the fashion industry– but I truly feel that this collection is an age. It’s a group of young adults who are out in the real world, living real lives, keeping it all together by looking effortlessly stylish.


If you’d like some more information about their optical lenses, check that out here. Sunglasses information? That’s right here.


So, dearly beloved readers, let me know what you think of the new Beacon Collection, sound off in the comments! 88A3A9C667A12CB1E604D96AA36B9015

I am so sorry

I have been so incredibly busy with work and getting ready and prepped for school to start that my beautiful blog sort of fell by the way side.

WELL NO MORE. But, due to my soon to be changing schedule at work, my editorial calendar will also have to shift a bit. Right now I’m looking at having one-two fantastically amazing posts a week. I’ll still be writing about career development, professional fashion, and of course my adventures in law school.

Speaking of which… Orientation starts in LESS THAN A MONTH. We are in crunch time people! I’ve received my first reading assignments, but I’m still waiting on assignments for my other classes, as well as the dang book lists to get posted. I really don’t want to have to pay for expedited shipping.

We’re also heading in the the season for the Mayor’s Ball. I’ve been asked to focus on the registration system, which… is sort of huge. The registration system is where we get all of our data from, transportation information, special needs information, address information. I’m excited, but it will probably also mean coming into work on the weekends to input data.

I promise, I’m gonna do better!

Arkansas Trip and Family Stuff

So last Wednesday, I took off for Arkansas. One of my younger cousin’s (Sidonie) was graduating from high school, and she’ll be going off to Westminister College in the fall, and she’s planning on studying International Business.

It was a great trip. I got to spend a bunch of time with my extended family, and we celebrated Sidonie’s successes. My parents were also in town, and if you’re a loyal reader (hey, I love you) then you know how close I am with my sweet mom.

My mom is the oldest of six, so we have a pretty big family on that side. Four of the siblings were able to be there and have fun with us. Other than my uncle Kevin (& co.), because he lives right outside of Atlanta, I hadn’t seen the majority of the family since Sid’s older sister’s graduation, three years ago. Also, an exception of Sidonie, because she came to Sacramento for Christmas!

Northwest Arkansas is the birthplace of Wal-Mart. I think I was there six times in four days. They just have so much stuff.

I flew in on Wednesday, it was like 80-something in Atlanta when I took off, and like 50-something in Arkansas when I landed. Ugh. Got picked up at the airport by my cousin Jennifer (Sid’s proud mom) and Sidonie. Met Sidonie’s boo thang. Had wings and beer with my cousin Brandon.

Thursday my parents drove in, they flew into Tulsa and drove the rest of the way. Went on an adventure with Jennifer to her brother’s (Terry) house and then her friend’s new store. Surprised my parents at their rental house. Had some BOMB fried chicken at Monte Ne Inn Chicken.

Friday we hit the Arkansas Naturals game and holy wow was it cold.

Saturday was the actual graduation ceremony. Which I didn’t go to. The arena it was in is huge and kinda far from where I was. And she was graduating with like 700 people, and she was the 10th person to get called. So my parents, Uncle Kevin and I went out to lunch, and then got a bunch of stuff for a BBQ night for the family. Tons of delicious food, and s’mores! Fun fact: moonshine soaked cherries don’t explode like you want them too  (also they taste like lighter fluid).

Sunday, oh Sunday. My flight was supposed to take off at 1pm, precisely when the graduation party was supposed kick off. When I woke up, I got on the Delta app and started the check-in process. Delta told me that the flight had been delayed, so they would change my flight for free, SO I GOT TO GO TO THE PARTY! (for like an hour, but still) I ended up flying out of XNA around 4:45 to go to Minnesota, just to go back down to Atlanta, and land around 11pm. It was quite a long day and I was super exhausted when I got home, and of course all Patch wanted to do was play now that his mom was home.

All in all, it was a good weekend. I’m thankful I was able to go to the party for at least a little bit, and it was great to see my family. <3

Here’s some pictures from the weekend:

What did you do last weekend? Any fun Memorial Day Weekend plans? Tell me in the comments.


A Year in Review


Man, has it been a whirlwind of a year. I’ve learned so much about myself in 365 days.

What have you learned about yourself in the last year? Tell me in the comments!

What I did:

A year ago yesterday I was graduating from college.
A year ago today I was jumping on a plane bound for Paris. I’m such a Francophile.
I hopped on a train bound for Brussels to spend some time with the guy I was dating at the time, Luke.
I rescued a sweet baby dog named Patches.
I visited Boston for the first time with my parents. And we saw Wicked, my third time now.
I had awesome seats to one of the Angels vs Braves NLDS games. Never an Angels fan, always the Giants. But, for safety’s sake, I pretended to root for the Braves.
I met Olympic Gold Medalist Misty May-Treanor.
I did the Atlanta Metro Heart Walk.
Luke and I broke up. It really sucked.
I worked at the Mayor’s Senior Ball, and had a blast.
I went to my first annual Decatur Wine Festival with one of my favorite people.
I turned 22!
My cousin went on a cross country road trip, and stopped by to visit me!
I took the LSAT for the second time. Freaking exhausting. But I guess it kinda paid off.
I helped host lots of Christmas Parties at work for a city department, and some senior groups.
I went home for Christmas, and two of my cousins joined me! One is a senior in high school (She graduates this Saturday! Congrats little baby!) and her older sister, who’s in the Air Force being real cool and translating a bunch of stuff.
I caught up with one of my very first best friends ever.
I helped staff some of Mayor Reed’s Second Inaugural events.
I stood about three feet away from Usher at Inauguration, sort of the highlight of everything ever.
SNOWPOCOLYPSE part 1 & part 2 locked down Atlanta.
I started this blog.
My best friend got into TFA! Read about that over here, on her blog.
I went to Orlando with my awesome mom, and taught her how to take tequila shots.
I committed to Atlanta John Marshall Law School, and attended the Accepted Students Reception.
I did my very first 5k! I walked it, but whatever, I did it.
My sweet angel dog graduated from his first training class!
I participated in my first Alumnae Weekend!
I saw my Giants play the Braves right here in Atlanta.

What I learned:

I am not responsible for other people’s emotions and reactions.
I have accomplished many things in my relatively short life.
I’m going to be okay. It’s all going to be okay.
You can’t please everyone, and it’s exhausting to try.
So much about the City of Atlanta government.
Red lipstick might not go either every outfit, but when in doubt, it does.
I need to pay attention to what is best and healthiest for me.
I deserve the best out of a man.
I’m a real adult.
I am going to figure out law school and I’m going to kick it in the face.

Graduation and Europe trip pictures: